Why the Asian community must support President Trump: Nothing is built, nothing is back, nothing is better

by Lisa Noeth

Op-ed by Lisa Noeth | Photo: Alamy

May is recognized as Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage (AAPI) Month. Faith, family, self-reliance, and freedom are the cornerstones of AAPI values, which align with President Trump’s message of America First.

Politics and pop culture YouTuber Mitch Lozada passionately conveys this message, “Filipino-American values are inherently conservative. The official motto of the Philippines is ‘for God, for people, for nature, and for country. Those values are best represented in the Republican Party.” He later added, “Nothing is built, nothing is back, nothing is better,” before stating, “tapos na,” which is Tagalog for “finish.”

Asian Americans Pacific Islanders (AAPI) are the fastest-growing voter base in the United States in the past two decades. Since 2020, 2 million more Asian Americans have become eligible voters, according to a study led by Pew Research. Despite Asian Americans historically voting as Democrats, the tides are shifting due to the failed economic policies and lack of consumer confidence under the Biden administration.

“About six-in-ten Asian American registered voters (62%) identify as Democrats or lean to the Democratic Party, and 34% are Republicans or GOP leaners. Around two-thirds of U.S. registered voters who are Filipino (68%), Indian (68%) or Korean (67%) identify as Democrats or lean Democratic. Chinese American voters are also majority Democratic (56%), while Vietnamese American voters tilt to the GOP (51% Republican, 42% Democratic).”

Pew Research Center

With these statistics in mind, the question remains for undecided Asian American voters: Are you better off now in the last 4 years under Joe Biden or during President Trump’s first term in office?

Trump vs. Biden: a stark contrast

Dolly De Leon, a Filipino Trump supporter from Las Vegas, has endorsed President Trump’s 2024 campaign. She explained:

“Most Asian Americans support President Trump because their conservative values align with his policies and ideologies. President Trump’s tenure in office proved his excellent leadership and performance not only in the United States but around the world. There’s no other candidate for America’s commander-in-chief who can match Trump, not RFK, and especially NOT  Biden. Trump is the answer to ailing America and the world!”

Throughout his first term, President Trump did more for the Asian American community than any other president. He has made significant strides during his presidency by uplifting the economy with low unemployment rates, low fuel prices, and historic job creation.

The Democrat Party preys on victimizing their voter base with labels in the AAPI community by pushing the race card during the COVID-19 pandemic of “Stop Asian Hate” in high-crime Democrat cities to pit us against each other.

During the last four years under President Biden, the Democrats have pushed dependency on the government to remain in power by dividing us by skin color, immigration, and economic status while our nation’s borders remain wide open.

Democrats’ scare tactics

The Democrats’ scare tactics toward the Asian American community also involve ridiculing Republicans for opposing illegal immigration.

However, the AAPI community consists of hard-working legal immigrants who strive for the American Dream of owning a home and making a living in the United States. My parents came to the United States legally by following USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) laws and regulations while waiting for their priority date to file through family and employment-based immigration.

In return, many AAPI immigrant parents teach their children to love America. Our parents tell us their own stories of leaving their home countries, stricken by poverty, war, and violence, to provide for their families back home and also to live in the land of opportunity through self-reliance.

However, inflation, energy prices, crime, ongoing support of radical Islamic terrorists, and the border crisis are Democrat-perpetuated problems impacting both the AAPI community and the American people at large.

The importance of AAPI outreach in President Trump’s reelection

Asian American outreach will be essential in key battleground swing states, especially my current state of residence, Nevada.

AAPI Trump supporters need to engage the Asian American community by having multi-language outreach out to undecided voters through social media posts, door knocking, GOTV-targeted texts and phone calls, speaking up at town halls, and conversations with one another. 

It is essential for the AAPI community to embrace their unique voice and uphold shared cultural values as Americans. Active engagement within the local community significantly contributes to the support of President Trump’s presidential campaign and the message of America First in the local community.

Let’s help President Trump make the final push to save America through authentic messaging that “enough is enough” with the Biden administration gaslighting AAPIs. It is time to register more AAPIs as Republicans in order to take back America this November.

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