‘You have to give police back their authority’: Trump sits down with RSBN’s Brian Glenn

Police officers in America can count on President Donald Trump as a friend and as many on the left often like to say, an “ally.”

RSBN’s Brian Glenn sat down with Trump this week for an exclusive one-on-one interview in Mar-a-Lago. The two discussed topics as varied as the situation in Ukraine, Biden, and the media.

Trump also commented, at length, on the often maligned police force in America. The police often feel, for fear of misrepresentation by the media and predictable reprisal by a smattering of left-wing ideologues, unable to effectively do their jobs of keeping people safe. This, of course, has a ripple effect which amounts to a net negative for the average citizen.

In the interview with Glenn, Trump voiced as much with an example that is by no means hypothetical to many, saying, “If somebody’s robbing a store, you have to do what’s necessary.”

Trump empathized with the media-generated paralysis that has crept into the police at large, with Trump stating, “When you see thugs coming up by the hundreds out of department stores where they’re just breaking in and the police are standing there, not doing anything, they want to do something but they’re not allowed to. They don’t want to lose their job, lose their pension, lose their house and their family, because they take very strong measures against people that are doing their job.” 

It should be a deep and growing concern for American citizens, even those that foolishly chant “Defund The Police,” that cops in this country don’t feel that they can effectively do their jobs. Trump summed up the general sentiment quite succinctly, stating adamantly that “you have to give police back their authority.”

The 45th president did go on to briefly address the tragic situation in Memphis, but said that this was an isolated incident where “for whatever reason they just went absolutely bonkers.”

Trump implied that the United States is in as much need of a solid and mobilized police force as it ever has been. He told Glenn, “We are in a crime wave in this country, the likes of which we’ve never seen before and a lot of it has to do with Democrats running the cities, New York is a disaster. It’s a disaster. Chicago is a disaster. Atlanta has one of the highest murder rates, I think, per capita, the highest and all they do is come after other people for other things. It’s really an unfair situation and a dangerous situation.”

Of course, no Trump interview would quite be complete without a few well aimed, and well deserved, snipes at the mainstream media. Trump closed the police discussion remarking, “But in Minneapolis as an example, I sent in the National Guard. The governor didn’t approve it. I sent it in, you have to do it, they’re gonna rip down the whole city that said he was going to be gone.” Trump continued, “…I saw CNN standing up and the guys talking about ‘well, this is a friendly protest’ and behind him, the entire city was on fire. I said these people are crazy.”

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