YouTube censors the Heritage Foundation for uploading Trump’s remarks

by Timothy Frudd

The Heritage Foundation announced Monday that YouTube had removed its video of President Donald Trump’s recent speech at the Heritage Foundation’s 2022 leadership conference in Amelia Island, Florida.

The organization said YouTube sent them a notice informing them that Trump’s remarks at the leadership conference “violated” their policies “pertaining to elections misinformation.”

YouTube explained, “Accordingly, the video has been removed and a strike has been applied to the channel. As a result, uploads are suspended for one week.”

The 45th president delivered a powerful speech at the Heritage Foundation last month, laying out policy guidelines for an America First agenda, highlighting the successes of his administration, and pointing out the dangers of the left’s platform. In his speech, he also warned about Big Tech censorship. “The lifeblood of a free society is free speech,” said Trump.

According to the Heritage Foundation, they posted his 82-minute speech on their official YouTube page after it aired on April 21. The video had reached over 531,000 views before the Google-owned platform removed it.

Following YouTube’s censorship, Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts issued a statement. “We live in a country built on the principles of free speech and expression, but these Big Tech giants have their sights set on trampling and ultimately destroying those fundamental principles in pursuit of their political ideology,” he said.

Roberts asked, “Why is the radical left so insecure that they cannot even stand to let others report the words of a former president?”

While Big Tech continues to utilize all its resources to censor conservatives and silence the 45th president, Americans are hopeful that free speech online will be restored soon.

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter and commitment to defending free speech have restored hope that Big Tech’s iron grip might soon end.

In his response to YouTube, Roberts concluded, “Perhaps Elon Musk should take a look at buying YouTube, as well.”

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