93 Days Later, Kamala Finally Shows Up For Work

An op-ed written by Casey Wardynski, President Trump’s Assistant Secretary of the Army and Congressional candidate in Alabama’s 5th district.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but it does: 93 days after becoming the “Border Czar” Kamala Harris is visiting our southern border…or somewhere nearby. Rather than skipping over it to visit Guatemala and talk about climate change, she’s going to see the Biden Border Crisis firsthand. 

The rest of us don’t have the luxury of showing up to work three months after our start date. In my time in the Trump Administration, the President called on the Army to build the wall and we didn’t hesitate. As the Assistant Secretary of the Army in charge of manpower, my office found the land appraisers, realtors, engineers and other necessary personnel to get the job done. We didn’t dilly dally around with fictitious “root causes” – we immediately got to work to stop the bleeding.

   There are clear steps that our next AL-5 (and others) Congressman can take:

  • Vote no on any immigration bills that don’t include securing the border and finishing the wall.
  • Sponsor legislation that deports illegal immigrants, especially repeat offenders and those charged with violent crimes.
  • Vote no on funding cuts for Border Patrol and ICE.
  • Vote NO on amnesty and other incentives that increase the flow of migrants.

The question remains though: what will the Biden Administration do as a result of this trip? Will VP Harris come back and advocate for amnesty? Will she claim it’s not that bad? Or will we, and I’m not holding my breath, see a shift back to securing our borders and putting our citizens first?

Time will tell. 

Casey Wardynski was President Trump’s Assistant Secretary of the Army. A graduate of West Point, he served in the military for 30 years – beginning at Redstone Arsenal. He also served as Superintendent of Huntsville City Schools, where he turned a $19mil deficit into a surplus and increased graduation rates by 33%. He is running for Congress in Alabama’s 5th district. Follow him on Twitter @FriendsOfCasey or visit his website friendsofcasey.com.

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