White House to Launch Live Camera Feed of Border Wall Construction

The White House is expected to launch live camera feed to showcase President Trump’s progress on border wall construction.

According to a new report, White House senior adviser Jared Kushner initiated the idea this past summer in an effort to show the American people just how many miles have been built, and will be built.

The move comes as a means to visibly show the American people how President Trump is fulfilling one of his most notable campaign promises- securing American borders.

The Trump administration’s chief digital officer is currently working on a new website, expected to launch next year, that will incorporate the live camera feed showing wall construction along the southern border.

Kushner has taken the driver’s seat in showcasing border wall progress since President Trump asked him to revitalize efforts following the government shutdown last year.

The senior adviser has also reportedly held meetings every two weeks or so to expedite construction and monitor ongoing progress with key officials.

Some CBP and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers officials have voiced their opposition to the move citing it will disclose the contractors’ techniques to other companies.

Despite the opposition, the White House is reportedly moving forward with the plan in an effort to heighten transparency surrounding the wall construction along the southern border.

According to Fox News, this administration has completed 81 miles of border wall, and 155 miles are currently in the works.

President Trump and other White House officials have made it clear he aims to have 400 to 500 miles of border wall completed by the end of 2020, which Kushner has specified can be realistic.

Currently, there are around two to three miles of wall built each week, and the White House aims to increase this metric to around six miles per week by sometime next year.

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