WATCH: President Trump Rips Biden for Out of Control Inflation this Memorial Day 5/26/2023


As you gather with family and friends this weekend, everything is more expensive, a lot more expensive actually, because of Joe Biden’s reckless policies that have caused soaring energy costs and currency inflation like our country hasn’t seen for over 50 years.
This Memorial Day gas prices are up 48% since Joe took office—that’s right, 48%. Food prices are up 18%. Airline prices are up 41%. Taxes are higher than ever. Interest rates for mortgages and car loans have put the American Dream out of reach for countless millions of families.
Meanwhile, in the Joe Biden economy, real wages are down 25 months in a row. Nobody’s ever seen anything like it. In fact, it’s the longest streak on record. The typical American family this Memorial Day weekend has lost an average of nearly $7,000 a year in purchasing power because of Joe Biden’s failed presidency. You could take the worst five presidents in history, and they haven’t done the damage that Joe Biden has done, just add them up.
But help is on the way. On Day One, I will begin to reverse the disastrous effects of Biden’s inflation and rebuild the greatest economy in the history of the world, which is what we had. I will unleash energy independence and we will bring the price of gasoline down immediately by ending Biden’s foolish war on American energy. They don’t want to drill. They don’t want to get that liquid gold—we have more than anybody, but we’re gonna get it. We’re gonna bring those prices way down.
This will also put immediate downward pressure on food prices and the cost of living. By Memorial Day 2025, our country will be roaring back. We’ll be well on our way to greatness like our country has never seen before. We were doing it and then it got stopped by some horrible policies. We have horrible, horrible policies. They all happen so quickly.
Not only will we be energy independent, but we will soon be energy dominant. We’ll be making so much money, so much, that we’ll be reducing debt and lowering your taxes. We’re doing so many different things. Our country will be great again, I promise.
Thank you very much.

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