President Trump vows to powerfully defend Judeo-Christian values at the Faith & Freedom’s 2024 Road to Majority Conference

by Lisa Noeth

Photo: Alamy

On June 22, President Trump spoke with conviction to defend religious freedom with his initiative in his second term to protect Judeo-Christian values and religious liberty, as the keynote speaker at the Faith & Freedom’s 2024 Road to Majority Conference. This conference stands as the largest gathering of Christian conservative community activists from across the nation.

As the radical Democrats attack Christian values with their progressive stances in removing God in every aspect of society, President Trump champions protecting the soul of America’s values – faith. America is fundamentally rooted as Judeo-Christian nation, in which our Founding Fathers laid the foundation of our country.

President Trump addressed in his speech:

“We restored the conscience rights of doctors, nurses, teachers, and faith groups like the Sisters of Life.”

Protecting freedom of religion without the fear of persecution is an important issue to President Trump.

Christian community leaders and activists must stand together behind President Trump for the upcoming presidential election, as he commits to continue to stand for life from conception to natural death and religious liberty.

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