NO MORE PERSECUTION: Trump vows to create a task force to fight anti-Christian bias

by Lisa Noeth

Photo: Alamy

During his speech at the Faith & Freedom’s 2024 Road to Majority Conference, President Trump promises to deliver in his second term a task force to fight anti-Christian bias to investigate illegal discrimination against Christians, including pro-life activists.

Pro-life activists and Christians are under attack with the weaponization of law enforcement under the Biden administration. President Trump highlighted the importance of upholding freedom of speech under his Christian moral basis as the most modern pro-Judeo-Christian president in history. He will focus on pardoning pro-life activists arrested for practicing their right to pray peacefully at a pro-life demonstration in front of abortion clinics.

Being persecuted and convicted as felons for practicing our Christian faith by defending life as pro-life activists has now been a reality under the Biden administration for the last 3.5 years. Unfortunately, Biden has turned his back on his Catholic faith while pushing the progressive agenda and policies.

President Trump also strongly supports Louisiana in bringing back the Ten Commandments to public schools.

While speaking at the conference, President Trump showed his unwavering commitment to reinstating Christian values, school choice, and religious liberty in America. 

President Trump is the right leader to defend Christian values, he will stop the Christian bias as the next president. He will continue to proudly emphasize to the world that the U.S. is one glorious nation under God.

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