RELEASE: Official Viewership Numbers for President Trump’s Rally in Waco, Texas



March 27, 2023

AUBURN, Ala. — RSBN’s livestream of President Donald Trump’s first rally of the 2024 campaign reached millions of viewers as Americans prepare for a heated primary season.

As of Monday, over 3.4 million people watched the anticipated Trump rally held on Saturday, March 25, in Waco, Texas, across all of our streaming platforms. Those platforms include Rumble, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Gettr, and RSBN’s mobile app and website.

Signaling a shift in where Americans look for news, it is notable that more than 2.3 million people tuned into RSBN’s channel on Rumble.

Our massive online viewership also shows that President Trump remains the dominant force driving the conservative movement nearly two years out from the general election on Nov. 5, 2024.

RSBN is proud to be committed to providing the best rally coverage in the business and showing you the crowds the mainstream media ignores.


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