Trump touts ‘BIG CROWD’ of more than 25,000 in Texas for 2024 campaign rally kickoff

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump delivered energetic remarks to a crowd of thousands in Waco, Texas, over the weekend, marking the kickoff of his presidential rallies, which have become a signature part of his MAGA platform, for the 2024 campaign season.

In remarks made to the press aboard Trump Force One following the rally in Waco on Saturday night, the 45th president noted that there were “25,000 plus” people in attendance, adding that it was a “BIG crowd.”

“You know there’s never been anything like it in history,” he continued. “If Ronald Reagan came back from the dead, which would be very nice, actually, or a popular politician, you would have 300-400 people. Ron DeSanctimonious had 179. So far that’s been his biggest crowd in Iowa – he had 179 people.”

President Trump’s rally in Waco was originally estimated to draw between 10,000 to 15,000 people, as previously reported by RSBN. However, it looks like the crowd size exceeded even the broadest estimates.

On Saturday morning, hours before the rally event doors even opened, thousands of MAGA patriots were seen lining up to get inside the Waco Regional Airport, where the rally was held, per RSBN.

President Trump arrived in style to the rally in his 757, Trump Force One, where he disembarked the plane and immediately took the stage to deliver remarks to the eager crowd of supporters.

His remarks touched on a range of topics, from securing the southern border to gutting the corruption of the Deep State from federal agencies.

“Either the DEEP STATE destroys America or WE destroy the DEEP STATE – that’s the way it’s got to be,” he told the audience, drawing cheers of support.

He continued, “The stakes of this election could not be more clear: either we surrender to the demonic forces abolishing and demolishing and happily doing so [to] our country or we defeat them in a landslide on November 5th 2024.”

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