Trump gives Youngkin a last minute push in dead heat Virginia governor’s race

by Summer Lane

President Trump is giving Republican candidate for Virginia Governor, Glenn Youngkin, one final push before election night comes to an end. Just hours before the polls closed, Trump released a special statement to the Newsmax show, Rob Schmitt Tonight: 

“Glenn Youngkin has had an enormously successful career in business, as most of you know, for running a very incredible company that employed hundreds of people…now he’s going to restore common sense to the Governor’s Mansion. And Glenn will be great on jobs, he’ll be great on your taxes and keeping them low…and he’ll make Virginia, really, the envy of the world. You’ll watch.” 

This is certainly not the first time Trump has lent his support to Youngkin.

Over the past week, Trump warned of “bad things” going on in the Virginia election, urging conservative voters to get out and flood the polls with support for Youngkin to overwhelm the margin of potential fraud.

“I say to all of our millions of followers,” Trump stated, “don’t listen to the Fake News and misleading advertisements written largely by already-acknowledged perverts. Get out and vote for a man who will be a great governor, Glenn Youngkin!” 

Going into the race on Nov. 2, Youngkin and his Democrat opponent, Terry McAuliffe, appeared to be at a dead heat in the polls, but if Trump’s base showed up in record numbers, Youngkin could make history. Virginia, a state that went Blue for Biden in the 2020 presidential election, could potentially swing red, signaling a massive victory for both President Trump and conservative Virginians. 

Results from the Virginia race will pour in for the next few hours. According to the Virginia Public Access Project, election officials have made “administrative changes” that will require precincts to count their absentee ballots tonight. Previously, waiting on the totality of absentee ballots delayed the announcement of the final results in the race.

Hopefully, this new regulation will give Virginians – and all Americans – a quick, matter-of-fact snapshot of the results of the battle for governor.

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