Trump on 2024 run: ‘This will not be my campaign. This will be OUR campaign’

by Samantha Flom

Photo: Alamy

While announcing his third presidential bid Tuesday night, President Donald J. Trump emphasized that his campaign would not just be about one man but about the American people.

“This will not be my campaign,” Trump told a crowd of supporters at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. “This will be our campaign, all together, because the only force strong enough to beat the massive corruption we are up against is you, the American people.” 

Promising to unite both the political left and right for the good of the nation, the 45th president added: “The American people, the greatest people on earth, we love them all. And we love both sides – we’re going to bring people together. We’re going to unify people.”

That goal of unification may come a bit easier come January, with the Republican Party poised to claim a majority in the House of Representatives.

In the meantime, however, Trump vowed to be a “voice” for his supporters against the corrupt political establishment in Washington.

“The Washington establishment wants to silence us, but we will not let them do that,” he said. “What we have built together over the past six years is the greatest movement in history because it is not about politics; it’s about our love for this great country, America, and we’re not going to let it fail.”

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