14th weekend of anti-vaccine protests in France continue

The people of France are pushing back against tyrannical vaccine passports by taking to the streets in protest for the 14th consecutive Saturday.

The French government announced last week that it will be extending requirements for the “Health Pass” to July 2022. The vaccine passport forces French citizens to receive coronavirus vaccinations in exchange for access to restaurants, shows, transportation and events. Previously, the French state of emergency related to the Covid-19 pandemic was set to expire in November.

The Health Pass is a freedom-restricting vaccine passport that is linked directly to a QR code on a smartphone through the TousAntiCovid app or a paper document for those who may not carry phones. The Health Pass provides confirmation that an individual has been vaccinated against the coronavirus. The app also alerts users if they have come within close proximity to another user who has tested positive for Covid.

In France, the government is demanding that all French citizens provide their Health Pass in exchange for entrance to any of the following:

  • Restaurants and cafes,
  • Shows, nightclubs, bars,
  • Long or short-distance transportation (such as ferries, buses, and airplanes),
  • Medical settings,
  • Hotels,
  • Concerts and festivals,
  • Zoos, amusement parks, museums,
  • Libraries and theaters,
  • Casinos, and
  • Swimming pools.

As of Sept. 30, the French government said these Health Pass restrictions will also apply to minors ages 12 and over. If anyone in France does not have a Health Pass that can verify their vaccination status, they will not be permitted to enjoy any normal activity in society.

The people of France have been marching against the tyranny of their government for weeks, but they’re not the only ones fighting against fascist edicts from power-hungry lawmakers. Anti-vaccine protests have swept across Australia, Canada, and Italy over the summer and early fall in response to seemingly endless Covid-19 lockdowns and enforcement of oppressive regulations.

In August, the French demonstrated against the Health Pass by picnicking on the streets outside of restaurants, peacefully rebelling against the restrictive dining policies that barred them from eating inside.

France has also adopted the same authoritarian measures as other strict countries, like Canada, denying entry to foreigners who do not have a vaccine passport. United States citizens are currently barred from entering France unless they provide proof of vaccination against the coronavirus, as well, according to the United States Embassy & Consulates in France.

The winds of freedom are blowing among the French people, however, and if these protests continue, French President Emmanuel Macron and the French Parliament may be forced to take a second look at their totalitarian Health Pass regulations.

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