45 slams California governor: ‘Gavin has become Crooked Joe Biden’s TOP surrogate’

2AT67EX President Donald J. Trump speaks to a large crowd at the "Keep America Great" rally held at the Wildwoods Convention Center; crowd member gives "thumb

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On Friday, President Trump promised to bring down the hammer in the White House in 2025 for Californians who are suffering under the constant water-storage issues in the Golden State.

Trump spoke in the afternoon to the California GOP’s Fall Convention in Anaheim, stating that if he wins the presidency again, he will “force Newsom to give you water,” noting the historic negotiating power of the Executive Office.

“…We’re going to get the federal government to get everything done,” he continued.

The president also added, “I will guarantee he will sign it.”

President Trump scorched the declining state of California during his speech, stating that the farmland was among the most fertile in the world. “For the farmers in the room, I don’t know if you know it or not, but I got $28 billion from CHINA,” he explained.

He additionally decried Gov. Gavin Newsom’s, D-Calif., handling of constant forest fires across the state over the past few years.

“Gavin has become Crooked Joe Biden’s TOP surrogate,” he said.

Trump wondered if Biden would make it to the “gate” for the 2024 presidential election next year, perhaps suggesting that Newsom could be considering a presidential bid himself next year.

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