6,000 federal employees work to STOP Biden’s illegal vaccine mandate

As the Biden administration attempts to implement vaccine mandates on workers across the country, 6,000 federal employees have rallied together to fight the coronavirus vaccine mandate in the State Department, pushing back against Joe Biden’s Sep. 2021 executive order requiring them to receive the Covid shot.

According to a report from the Washington Examiner, the movement has been organized by Marcus Thornton, an employee within the State Department who has worked as Border Patrol Agent with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

This organic movement to resist the tyranny of medical fascism comes on the heels of a string of defeats for the Biden administration’s beleaguered attempts to implement nationwide vaccine mandates and regulations.

In January, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) struck down one of Biden’s federal vaccine mandates, which would have been enforced through OSHA in private businesses.

Additionally, a Texas federal judge also blocked Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal workers in January as well, determining that freedom of choice is still important, even for those employed by the federal government.

The Biden administration formally withdrew their emergency vaccine mandate in light of the Osha ruling, freeing private employers from requiring their employees to receive the Covid shot

Robert Thornton, according to the Washington Examiner report, realized that he was not the only federal employee in his agency that was resistant to the idea of being forced to take the coronavirus vaccine, and he began talking to others about the situation.

He said, “If they’re [federal employees] ultimately forced to a point where the choice is between their career or being forced to take this vaccination against their convictions, they would give up their careers. And none of us want that. All we want is to be allowed to continue to do our jobs the way that we’ve been doing them for the last two years.” The movement is now known as “Feds 4 Medical Freedom.”

Vaccine mandates and passports have been universally pushed back on around the world. This week, Canadian truckers formed a “Freedom Convoy” more than 60 miles long to protest the Covid police state in Canada, barring truckers who are unvaccinated from entering the country, including U.S. truckers.

As the fight against medical tyranny intensifies, Robert Thornton and the brave 6,000 federal workers who are putting their careers on the line to battle government overreach have promised to bring accountability to the table for what has happened over the past year.

“There still has to be accountability for what happened…,” Thornton shared with the Washington Examiner. “People shouldn’t have to choose between a private medical decision and their career.”

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