Above the law: The Bidens get tipped off

by Hailey Gomez

Photo: Alamy

The Oversight House Committee released a full transcript of an FBI supervisory special agent’s interview on Monday, revealing that the Biden transition team was “tipped off” about the planned Hunter Biden interview, confirming a previous IRS agent’s testimony

Earlier this year, a key IRS whistleblower, Gary Shapley, testified in Congress that he was repeatedly prevented from “routine” investigations into the Biden family, noting that U.S. attorney David Weiss was also part of the hold-up.

The newly revealed transcribed interview from the FBI supervisory special agent, who is believed to be Joe Gordon, is backing Shapley’s previous testimony. 

“I was informed that FBI headquarters had contacted Secret Service headquarters and had made a notification,” the special agent stated in the interview.

The agent went on to say:

“I was notified by my assistant special agent in charge that we would not even be allowed to approach the house; that the plan, as told to us, was that my information would be given to the Secret Service, to whom I don’t know exactly, and, you know, my name, my contact, you know, my cell phone, for example, with the notification that we would like to talk to Hunter Biden; and that I was not to go near the house and to stand by.” 

After being notified of not engaging in any contact with the president’s first son, neither a call from the Secret Service nor an interview with Hunter Biden ever came to fruition.

It has also been noted that after months of “slow walking other facets of the investigation,” Weiss had further delayed Hunter’s interview, known as the “Day of Action,” blaming the contested election. However, the special agent’s interview reveals that Hunter Biden had received Secret Service protection at least a month prior to January. 

Due to the evidence being shown, the Oversight House Committee is now blaming Weiss for mishandling the probe, stating that they have “no confidence” in the U.S. attorney’s ability as the newly appointed special counsel. 

“We have no confidence in U.S. Attorney Wiess as Special Counsel given his inability to prevent the Biden transition team from being contacted and other misconduct during the Biden criminal investigation,” the committee posted on Monday. 

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