America First Legal Foundation calls for probe of Biden DOJ plot to ‘oppress, threaten, and intimidate’ anti-CRT parents

by Ryan Meilstrup

Attorney General Merrick Garland earlier this month sent a memo to FBI Director Christopher Wray in which he ordered the FBI to work with local leaders nationwide to help address a “disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence” against educators and school board members over mask mandates and the teaching of critical race theory in schools.

Garland claims he based his memo to the FBI off of a September letter from the National School Board Association requesting that the attorney general take action against parents they labeled as “domestic terrorists.”

But, there could be new evidence to suggest that the Biden administration worked with the National School Board Association to craft a plot against the anti-CRT parents.

That is the allegation being made by the America First Legal Foundation, which recently sent a letter to Inspector General Michael Horowitz—of Russia Spygate fame—to investigate Merrick Garland, the DOJ, and the Biden White House for acting to deny parents their constitutional rights to speech and association.

America First Legal wrote, “Key Biden Administration stakeholders, including the National Education Association, the American Federation of Teachers, and others, have combined to oppress, threaten, and intimidate parents to chill and prevent them from exercising the rights or privileges secured by the Constitution.”

The written request to Horowitz questioned the short time frame between the School Board Association’s letter to the Biden administration and the Oct. 4 Garland memo to the FBI.

Complicating matters for the DOJ, Attorney General Garland may have a conflict of interest to answer for: His son-in-law reportedly has damning financial ties to critical race theory-based curriculums.

According to the Washington Examiner, “Alexander ‘Xan’ Tanner, who married Garland’s daughter Rebecca in 2018, is the co-founder and president of Panorama Education, a major player in the teacher training and curriculum industry. Panorama pushes race-focused surveys and conducts training on systemic oppression, white supremacy, unconscious bias, and intersectionality — all under the rubric of “Social-Emotional Learning.”

And Garland’s son-in-law isn’t the only member of his family that presents a potential conflict of interest. The attorney general’s wife works for a non-profit organization that is allegedly “attempting to prevent any election audits of the 2020 Presidential Election,” according to the Gateway Pundit.

The ball is in IG Horowitz’s court. Will he open an ethics investigation into AG Garland and the Biden administration?

That is still to be determined.

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