Nearly 150 legislators sign letter to audit the 2020 election results in all 50 states

by Summer Lane

Amidst a growing national call for election integrity, nearly 150 legislators from 38 states have signed an open letter calling for forensic audits of all 50 states in the Union.

The letter was spearheaded by Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers, a Republican and staunch supporter of President Trump. Rogers has been one of the biggest fighters for election integrity in Arizona, and she has wasted no time in broadening the scope of her demands for a 50-state audit.

Her latest letter comes on the heels of troubling information released during the Maricopa County election audit results hearing, which revealed more than 700,000 problematic paper ballots and 86,000 non-identifiable voter matches in Maricopa alone.

Recently, an independent analysis of Pima County, Arizona revealed that tens of thousands of ballots were potentially fraudulent there, as well. Joe Biden’s margin of victory in Arizona was just over 10,000 votes, an alarmingly small number in light of the massive number of reported fraudulent ballots. In fact, over 17,000 ballots in Maricopa County were reported to be duplicated votes at the election hearing in late September.

Rogers’ letter demands accountability and transparency from the electoral process, presenting a clear case of democratic expectations to the American people. In light of the staggering allegations of fraud, which span from Maricopa County, Ariz., to Fulton County, Ga., these 138 legislators have concluded that an “inaccurate” election was held in 2020.

They make this powerful demand in their letter:

We have come to the conclusion that all 50 states need to be forensically audited. Voter rolls should be scrubbed with a canvass of the voters to ensure future integrity of our elections. If the results from those measures prove an inaccurate election was held, as has been shown in Arizona, and is being shown in many other states; then it is clear that certification of many electors was improperly rendered in January 2021 of the November 2020 United States presidential election. We call on each state to decertify its electors where it has been shown the elections were certified prematurely and inaccurately.

Numerous rallies and protests have sprung forth across the country to pressure lawmakers into standing up for election integrity by conducting forensic audits. A fiery, energetic audit rally took place in Lansing, Michigan’s capitol, last week, lauded by President Trump in a statement as an event with “unbelievable spirit and knowledge of what went on in with respect to voting and vote counting in the 2020 Presidential Election.”

Sen. Rogers’ historic letter calling for election integrity also makes a bold and convicting statement for anyone who believes in the sanctity of the election process in America:

If we do not have accurate and fair elections, we do not have a country.

In the United States, a presidential election result has never been decertified or reversed, but there has never been a presidential election plagued by such overwhelming, nationwide reports of fraud and irregularities before either. The 138 lawmakers demanding election reform and justice are echoing the rising tide of American patriots who are concerned about the value of their vote.

President Trump reminded supporters and allies in a sobering statement last week that if the presidential election fraud of 2020 is not fixed, “Republicans will not be voting in ’22 or ’24. It is the single most important thing for Republicans to do.”

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