Americans have a moral imperative to embrace Trump’s ‘Christian Visibility Day’

by David Crum

Op-ed by David T. Crum | Photo: Courtesy of the Trump Campaign

For Christians, Resurrection Day (Easter) is one of the year’s holiest days. In many Christian sects, Lent and Holy Week, leading up to Good Friday and Easter, signify the most important time of the year. During part of Holy Week, Christians practice a somber time, acknowledging Jesus Christ’s death, but the Lord’s resurrection on Easter gives humanity hope.

President Biden conveniently declared Easter, March 31, 2024, “Trans Visibility Day.” Any Christian, regardless of their political affiliation, should feel outraged.

President Donald Trump commented on this disrespect, stating on Truth Social, “What was Biden thinking when he declared Easter Sunday to be Trans Visibility Day? Such disrespect to Christians. You know what I think?! This coming November 5th will be Christian Visibility Day, when Christians turn out in numbers that nobody has ever seen before!”

Christians need to come to the realization that the Biden administration is no friend to orthodox, traditional Christianity. If anyone had a question or doubt about Biden and his Christian ideals, he appeared to answer any uncertainty with his blasphemous move to categorize “Trans Visibility Day” as a celebratory custom on Easter.

President Trump is absolutely correct in pushing for a “Christian Visibility Day” for Nov. 5. The 2024 election has become a contest of good vs. evil. Throughout history, oppressive regimes, communism, and modern-day socialists have tried to destroy Christianity, including all customary beliefs associated with the faith.

In the Bible, when evildoers and kings did not serve the Lord, only disaster followed. The Lord is unchanging and is a just Creator who will not let wickedness prevail.

President Trump is faithful to Christians, proving to be one of the most vocal defenders of the faith the nation has ever seen. His administration fought for the right to life, and he himself freed political prisoners, including Christian Pastor Andrew Brunson, who was being held as a prisoner in Turkey.

Patriots must unite to curtail further damage being done to the nation and Christianity. All believers should embrace President Trump’s declaration of a “Christianity Visibility Day.”

The United States has a deep-rooted connection to Christianity. From the signers of the Declaration to the patriots who fought for independence, Christianity is at the core of the nation’s history. In the past, elected presidents typically revered this history and even prayed for the Lord’s guidance and blessings. Biden has shown no veneration for the Lord’s commands.

Christians must vote for President Trump. His policies will not only protect believers, but he will also advocate for Christian ideals.  

May the Lord guide His church in the United States to fulfill the Great Commission and fight darkness.

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