Arizona AG wades into MESS of Maricopa County midterms chaos

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is taking a second look at Maricopa County following the disastrously error-ridden midterm elections held in November, multiple sources are reporting.

Maricopa County fumbled the ball in Arizona’s midterms, starting Election Day with malfunctioning voting machines and delaying ballot drops for days after the polls closed. Mass chaos and unprecedented incompetency plagued Maricopa’s election processes, prompting Brnovich to wade into the mess.

According to a report from Just the News, Brnovich’s election integrity unit sent a letter to Maricopa County’s chief civil division attorney, Thomas Liddy, demanding a report on how vote tabulator problems and printer problems were handled.

Per the letter, written by Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Wright:

“These complaints go beyond pure speculation, but include first-hand witness accounts that raise concerns regarding Maricopa’s lawful compliance with Arizona election law. Furthermore, statements made by both Chairman Gates and Recorder Richer, along with information Maricopa County released through official modes of communication appear to confirm potential statutory violations of title 16.”

Maricopa’s election processes have stained the midterm elections in Arizona, calling into serious question the validity of the election results. Maricopa has hardly aided its reputation throughout the process. For example, a shocking new video revealed that a representative from the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office launched an inappropriate rant at one of Arizona GOP gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake’s volunteer attorneys over basic questions regarding vote processes and inconsistencies.

Via Reuters, despite significant reports of voting problems in Maricopa County on Election Day that resulted in long lines, a judge reportedly rejected a Republican request to extend the voting time until 7 p.m. on Election Day.

Brnovich’s inquiry into the election processes of Maricopa County is significant, considering the Nov. 28 deadline to certify the election results from the county. Award-winning journalist Lara Logan revealed on Twitter that both Gila and Yavapai Counties in Arizona had joined with Cochise County in reportedly delaying the certification of their election results.

“Arizonans deserve a full report and accounting of the myriad problems that occurred in relation to Maricopa County’s administration of the 2022 General Election,” the Arizona assistant attorney general’s letter concluded.

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