As usual, Trump was RIGHT: CBP stats reveal SHOCKING number of terrorist encounters at border

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump has strongly warned that America is at risk for potential domestic terrorist attacks amidst an unfettered “invasion” of unvetted illegal migrants who have entered the country by the millions since Biden took office.

It looks like his statements have proven to be correct, as the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have published new data that has revealed a historic-high number of potential terrorist encounters at the southern border for the fiscal year of 2023.

According to CBP’s data (Terrorist Screening Data Set Encounters), law enforcement has encountered 564 terrorists between the Southwest and Northern border ports of entry. They also reported that between ports of entry, they have encountered 169 terrorists at the Southwest border and three at the Northwest.

This is a significant uptick from the fiscal year of 2020 when Trump was in office when encounters dropped to a total of 199.

Now, the total number of encounters rounds out at 736.

According to Just the News, Troy A. Miller, the Senior Official Performing the Duties of Commissioner, the CBP has experienced an increase in “resources and personnel.”

President Trump warned just this week that the war between Israeli military forces and Hamas terrorists embedded in Gaza in the Middle East would be “coming home” to America, thanks to the “thousands of strong young men from the Middle East” who have crossed over the U.S. southern border, unchecked.


Via information from Bill Melugin, a national correspondent for Fox News, CBP has further issued an internal intelligence bulletin that alerted its officers to terrorist fighters that “may be encountered at the U.S. Southern Border.” The alleged internal memo noted that these “soldiers of fortune” might be “motivated by the ideology” behind the Hamas attack on Israel.

As reported by RSBN, 75 percent of voters surveyed by Rasmussen Reports are worried that that terrorist-driven conflict overseas could result in a terrorist act on U.S. soil.

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