Attorney general candidate John Gordon vows to investigate 2020: ‘We will expose the truth’

by Summer Lane

President Donald J. Trump brought multiple candidates and political hopefuls up to the stage during his hotly anticipated Save America rally in Commerce, Georgia on Saturday, energizing the crowd ahead of Georgia’s midterm elections.

Republican attorney general candidate John Gordon took the stage and said a few words, stirring the audience and promising justice regarding reports of election fraud and irregularities from the 2020 presidential election.

“I’m running for attorney general because I love this country, and I’ve never been more worried about the direction it is headed!” Gordon told the crowd.

He added, “This gentleman here [President Trump] is the best president of my lifetime – and I want to defend his honor. If you elect me as attorney general, I will open an investigation into the 2020 election – we will expose the truth and we will hold the people responsible [accountable].”

Trump retook the podium and commented, “Thank you, John. Wow. That’s what we need!”

The Saturday rally was full of energy. The crowds eagerly cheered and laughed along with Trump’s comments, ranging from serious comments regarding the Russia and Ukraine situation to humorous jokes about political opponents.

Trump additionally encouraged the crowd to vote for Republican candidate for governor, David Purdue, to replace RINO Gov. Brian Kemp, R-Ga. “Eight months from now the people of GA are going to vote to fire the radical democrats – you’re going to elect the wonderful friend of mine, the great man, great senator…David Perdue. We need him. We need him badly,” Trump concluded.

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