Australia protests continue as Sydney residents resist tyrannical vaccine mandates

Continuing their fight against tyrannical vaccine mandates, Australians marched in Sydney last weekend by the tens of thousands to demonstrate their resistance to iron-clad coronavirus restrictions imposed by the government.

Protesters marched through Hyde Park and through the city to Surry Hills, video footage of the protests shows.

Australia has been one of the strictest countries in the world regarding their approach to fighting the coronavirus pandemic, locking down their cities and imposing staunch regulations on travel, shopping, and medical requirements.

In November, Australians held a massive protest in the streets of Perth. A second protest was held that same weekend, where tens of thousands of Australians also gathered at the Parliament building in Melbourne to stand against a freedom-restricting pandemic bill being pushed by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, which would significantly expand governmental powers, allowing re-implementation of “health” emergencies and more lockdowns.

Unfortunately, in December, the Victorian government’s pandemic bill passed both the upper and lower houses in a vote of 20 to 18, according to a report from ABC Australia.

On Dec. 7, the bill was given royal assent by Gov. Linda Dessau, and the Victorian Premier is expected to declare another “state of emergency” after the previous one expires on Dec. 15, according to another report from Sky News.

Despite the setback, Australians are not backing down. The videos showing the crowds in Sydney this past weekend are truly staggering, as countless civilians marched in the streets, mostly maskless, with signs and flags. One protester’s sign read, “Welcome to the Great Awakening,” referring to the global rise of civilian protests against governmental tyranny.

After months of protests in Australia, the government has seemed to turn a blind eye to the demands of their people, begging the question as to whether or not they will ever bend and agree to ease the burden of the seemingly baseless coronavirus restrictions.

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