Australians continue to rally against Covid restrictions

Freedom-loving Australians continued to fight back against tyrannical Covid restrictions in their country by protesting on Saturday, as many protesters gathered outside the home of Prime Minister Scott Morrison and demanded an end to the state of emergency.

According to a video posted by The Vigilant Fox, countless Australians stood outside of Morrison’s home, raising shouts and waving Australian flags.

Australian protests have continued to spring up all across the country. Last week, protesters marched through the streets of Brisbane, protesting an extension of Covid-related emergency powers. Patriotic citizens walked in large groups, carrying banners that read, “The People’s Revolution,” and chanting in unison, “We came to block the bill! There is no emergency!”

Australia has had some of the strictest Covid-related regulations, and the people have been protesting the tyrannical lockdown measures, quarantine policies, and vaccine passport system since 2021. In February 2022, the convoy of Canadian truckers fighting vaccine mandates inspired Australians to kick-start similar protests.

Thousands of protesters in Canberra gathered at the Parliament House to protest vaccine mandates, letting their lawmakers know that they would not tolerate the tyranny any longer.

In December 2021, tens of thousands of Australians marched through Sydney – one of the worst places in the country in terms of astringent Covid restrictions – heading to Surry Hill and voicing their frustration with traveling and shopping regulations and mandates.

Despite the pushback from Australian citizens, lawmakers have stubbornly plodded ahead to hold tightly to their emergency powers, much to the dismay of proponents of individual liberty.

As the mainstream media covers the Russian invasion of Ukraine around the clock, the Australian people have not taken their eye off the ball. They are well aware that their freedoms are still at stake and that the battle to regain their medical freedom is far from over.

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