Austrians rise against oppressive government vaccine mandate

by Summer Lane

Austria has joined the fight alongside many other European nations like France and Italy, rising up against the tyranny of their own government in response to freedom-restricting vaccine mandates and coronavirus regulations.

Tens of thousands of protesters gathered on Saturday in Vienna, the capital of Austria, in response to the government’s announcement of a return to nationwide lockdowns, supposedly because of a resurgence in Covid-19 cases around the country. The Austrian government also announced that it would be making coronavirus vaccinations mandatory. 

Similar to what occurred during previous international lockdowns, businesses, schools, and events will likely be suspended or cancelled, and Austrians would only be allowed to leave their homes for “essential” tasks. The protestors who gathered in Vienna were reportedly chanting “Resistance!” Many were carrying Austrian flags or homemade signs decrying governmental tyranny and mocking Austrian lawmakers and political leaders. 

According to a report from Republic World, Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg apologized to vaccinated Austrians, noting that it was unfair to subject them to national lockdowns along with the unvaccinated. “I’m sorry to take this drastic step,” he remarked. However, his dogmatic insistence on more draconian lockdowns throughout Austria hardly seem to indicate that he is sorry at all. 

Reuters reported this week on Twitter that Austria had again entered a “national emergency” and noted that it is the goal of the government to vaccinate the “whole population…as of February. Roughly two-thirds of Austria’s population is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, one of the lowest rates in western Europe.” 

Despite the government’s increasingly tyrannical edicts, the people of Austria are not backing down.

In fact, with every new lockdown and mandate, Austrians are rising up, demanding that their personal freedoms be respected. Will the Austrian government respond to the will of the people, or will they press onward with their attempts to implement a total medical apartheid in their beautiful country? The people of Austria are clearly tired of being forced to shut down, lock down, and get vaccinated against their will. Their time has come to peacefully push back, and it looks like they’re taking advantage of it. 

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