Backing the Blue: President Donald J. Trump’s Support of Law Enforcement

by David Crum

Op-ed by David T. Crum | Photo: Alamy

“We are going to work with targets on our backs…literally… We need to stop the revolving door criminal justice system that helps fuel the war on cops, and we can do that by voting out rogue DAs, activist judges, and any politician who supports this crap,” said Joe Gamaldi, the Fraternal Order of Police National Vice President on his X account.

Anyone in law enforcement knows Gamaldi’s concern has become a sad reality in the past decade.

The 2016 speech delivered by President Barack Obama at the memorial of five fallen Dallas police officers continues to be remembered by many law enforcement officers. This speech sparked controversy as the former president criticized law enforcement officials for their connection to race relations.

President Donald Trump ran on his unequivocal support of law enforcement in 2016 and 2020. 2024 is no different.

“My message today is that you have a true, true friend in the White House… I stand with you. I support our police. I support our sheriffs. And we support the men and women of law enforcement,” President Trump remarked in 2017.

Although law enforcement officers are human, like individuals in any profession marred by a few bad individuals, they are tired of unjustified criticism and assaults.

The far-left has developed a habit of expressing gratitude towards law enforcement while simultaneously advocating for increased accountability “when police officers betray public trust.” While such remarks might seem harmless, they confirm the lack of support received by law enforcement officers.

Police officers seemed to be praised and attacked concurrently, causing the public to dislike them.

What human beings in any vocation can adequately function in their role when unfairly blamed for issues plaguing America?

It would be unjust to categorize all law enforcement officers under a particular party affiliation, although the law enforcement community exhibits strong support for President Trump.

President Trump’s law and order mentality resembles that of the law enforcement community. On the contrary, the left has little regard for law and order, allowing crime to overtake metropolitan areas. The recent campus protests and occupations of universities nationwide are also prime examples of lawlessness. Americans have a right to protest, but they don’t have the right to riot.

Police recruiting continues to be a real obstacle across the country, proving the field has become an easy punching bag for far-left politicians. Radical politicians and even some mayors have defunded departments, embracing the social justice mentality plaguing America and universities across the nation.

It’s a fair question to ask if the modern-day law enforcement officer has become the Vietnam soldier of the past. Both directly reported to politicians, and both took the blame from the far-left for simply carrying out their duty and serving the United States.

President Trump has never shied away from his commitment to the law enforcement community.

As illegal immigration continues to negatively impact the nation, leading to several crimes being committed by illegal immigrants, the Police Officers Association of Michigan endorsed President Trump. POAM president James Tignanelli noted he hopes President Trump will be reelected to “restore honor to the law enforcement profession.”

Last year, 138 officers died in the line of duty. This year, 58 officers have lost their lives serving as police officers. The law enforcement community is in a state of mourning, and the situation deteriorates as politicians neglect to stand behind the thin blue line, resulting in police officers being unfairly scapegoated for incidents fabricated by far-left politicians themselves.

Police officers, like military members, are patriots who love their nation and serve their community with little regard for their own lives. The attack on law enforcement must end.

It is our sincere hope that individuals who currently do not support law enforcement will eventually experience remorse akin to those in the past who mistreated Vietnam veterans.

President Trump’s record speaks for itself. With the support of organizations like the National Border Patrol Council, Police Officers Association of Michigan, and Florida Police Benevolent Association, it will only be a matter of time before more police unions vocally declare their support for President Trump.

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