Biden admin reportedly can’t find remnants of Chinese spy balloon, refuses to be transparent

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Photo: Alamy

This week, the Senate received a classified briefing regarding the Chinese spy balloon that invaded American airspace. Per Fox News, both Republican and Democrat senators are demanding more transparency as the unprecedented event is still a mystery after no remains have been uncovered. 

While Chinese officials claimed that the balloon strayed off course and was a research airship made for civilian use, according to Newsweek, this unauthorized aircraft not only violated international law in the United States but Latin America, and Canada. One has also now been detected flying over the Middle East, according to another Fox News report.

This series of events has left the American people questioning these combined incidents and the current state of national security. Despite this, Biden claimed that a foreign country flying unauthorized aircraft over the U.S. is “not a major breach” via the Independent.

But the lack of recovered remnants from the balloon and information regarding how China could possibly lose control of so many aircraft is a problem considering that the Pentagon confirmed the balloon that crossed over American territory was a “surveillance” device, as posted by Politico on Twitter. 

Now, in the aftermath, the American people are unable to make sense of what happened based on the conflicting response from Biden and the military.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., stated after the briefing, “the American people need and deserve to know more.”  

Sen. Roger Marshall, R-Ky., also commented on the lack of transparency, noting the need to properly address the public and “tell them firsthand that we’re safe, that everybody is going to be okay.” 

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