JD Vance addresses train derailment in Ohio, says he is ‘horrified’

by Ryan Meilstrup

Photo: Alamy

Ohio Sen. JD Vance said Monday that he is “horrified” about the stories he has heard from East Palestine, Ohio, residents following a recent train derailment that exposed residents to dangerous chemicals. He encouraged anyone with “credible reports of environmental harm” to contact his office.

In a statement, Vance said, “This is a complex environmental disaster with impacts that may be difficult to assess in the short term. The long-term study will be imperative.”

According to Fox News, “a broken axle sent nearly 50 train cars, including 10 carrying vinyl chloride spiraling off the tracks on Feb. 3. Three days later, residents were ordered to evacuate while Ohio officials executed a controlled release of vinyl chloride to prevent an explosion, which sent thick clouds of poisonous smoke billowing into the air.”

At the time of the planned evacuation, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine tweeted, “East Palestine: Residents living within a mile of the train derailment site who have not yet left their homes are asked to evacuate due to the potential of a major explosion immediately.”

Residents of East Palestine have since been allowed to return home and have been assured that it is safe to do so.

However, residents have questioned that assertion, citing the loss of livestock, fish, and persistent headaches, as reasons for their skepticism.

The New York Post reported, “Animals are falling sick and dying near the site of a hellish Ohio train derailment last Friday which released toxic chemicals into the air, according to reports — sparking fears of the potential health impacts the crash could have on humans.”

Addressing these fears, Sen. Vance concluded his statement by saying, “I am dedicated to ensuring that relevant authorities do not use tests conducted as a permission slip to pack up and go home. This is a complex environmental disaster with impacts that may be difficult to assess in the short term.”

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