Biden approval nosedives, driven by decreasing independent support

American approval of Joe Biden has collapsed to just 33 percent, according to a recent poll released by Quinnipiac, with disapproval of the Biden Administration rising to 53 percent, the latest poll showing a decisive decline in support.

Independent support has collapsed to its lowest level, with just 25 percent of respondents approving of the Biden administration compared to 61 percent who disapprove.

Perhaps most concerning for the Biden administration, Democrat support has decreased by a full 12 percentage points to 75 percent since last month, amid growing discontent from both left and right over mishandling of every major issue.

The poll, conducted last week, examined responses from 1,313 adults across the United States.

The Quinnipiac poll is the lowest major poll registered by the Biden Administration, although all major polls have indicated steep declines in support.

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