Biden FEMA director ludicrously calls for more medical staff despite mass firings of unvaccinated workers

by Summer Lane

Biden’s FEMA Director, Deanne Criswell, ironically called for more medical staffing in American hospitals, as medical settings across the nation fire their employees for refusing to take the Covid vaccine.

Americans’ “most critical need right now is staffing for our hospitals,” she said in a Friday press conference.

In a ludicrous twist of logic, Criswell seems to both acknowledge the gaping staffing emergency left by the tyrannical firing of unvaccinated medical workers, while failing to face the facts that the Biden administration has caused the shortage in the first place.

FEMA Director Deanne Criswell’s comments on medical staffing problems

Criswell’s statement is even more ridiculous in light of the Supreme Court’s ruling on Biden’s federal vaccine mandates this week.

While they struck down the OSHA case, which would have allowed for the mandate in private businesses, they upheld the second case, Biden v. Missouri, which allows the mandate to be upheld in medical settings that take federal funding.

While there will be an opportunity to request religious exemption from the vaccine in hospitals, getting the exemption will likely be very difficult. This will undoubtedly lead to more nationwide staffing shortages in the United States as healthcare workers are dismissed from their jobs.

On Thursday, SCOTUS ruled on both vaccine mandate cases

Perhaps even more disturbingly, there have been reports of short-staffed American hospitals now recruiting foreign nurses to fill the recently-vacated positions across the country, according to a report from NPR. In fact, according to their report, more than 5,000 foreign nurses are waiting for their final visa approval, so that they can work in American hospitals. Of course, this is just another example of Biden’s America, where more and more American jobs are being lost or outsourced to foreign counterparts, largely in response to fascist medical edicts.

Deanne Criswell’s comments appear to indicate a cruelly ironic and tone-deaf approach to dealing with hospitals who are now suffering from staffing problems due to the Biden administration’s ruthless firing of American medical workers across the fruited plain.

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