Biden loses majority of Democrat support heading into 2024, new poll suggests

by Laura Ramirez

Joe Biden’s chance at reelection grows slimmer by the day as even most Democrats do not want to see him run in 2024, according to the latest polling.

A survey conducted by SSRS revealed that 51 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents believe the Democrat Party should nominate a different candidate for president in 2024. Only 45 percent of Democrat voters wish to see Biden on the presidential ticket. SSRS surveyed 1,527 respondents between Jan. 10 and Feb. 6.

The latest poll is aligned with Biden’s declining approval rating and ever-increasing disapproval numbers.

According to an optimistic poll by Real Clear Politics, Biden’s disapproval rating climbed to 53.8 percent, and his approval rating is sitting just over 40 percent.

Moreover, what was previously 49 percent of Americans who self-identified as Democrats at the beginning of 2021 has drastically dropped to 42 percent at the end of the fourth quarter. In contrast, Republicans continue to gain support as voter registrations shift toward the GOP.

As voter support for Biden and the Democrat Party continues to plunge, Republicans are expected to make significant strides in the 2022 midterm elections.

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