Biden slammed during hearing for threatening national security

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Rep. William Timmons, R-S.C., laid out Joe Biden’s alleged bribery scheme before slamming him for selling out the country.

He described the supposed scheme by offering the steps taken to allegedly execute it. He said, “Foreign client has a problem, pays a Biden. Vice President Biden travels to the country. Vice President Biden leverages U.S. influence to force a favorable outcome for the client.”

Allegations of Biden’s influence peddling have been continuously denied and Timmons went on to address that. He stated, “He lied about this during the campaign. He specifically said it wasn’t true.”

Timmons noted how these actions continue to affect the state of the nation and declared, “Because of his actions, because of him SELLING policy decisions to adversaries abroad for personal gain, he is vulnerable…and our national security is vulnerable because of it.”

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