Turmoil in Tallahassee: DeSantis’s struggle with campaign finance

by John Hanna

Op-ed by John Hanna | Photo: Alamy

The lifeblood of any campaign is the money supporting it. Once that amount of money starts waning or disappearing altogether, the candidate will face a significantly harder battle to stay in the race.

Case and point, Florida governor and 2024 GOP hopeful Ron DeSantis is feeling the strain of limited money flow, demonstrated by his campaign’s decision to fire a number of staff members. According to Politico, an anonymous source says less than 10 staffers were let go.

However, it seems that those that have been terminated from the DeSantis campaign will not be wandering too far from their chosen candidate.

A person familiar with a Pro-DeSantis super PAC, called Never Back Down, says they have received several resumes from the displaced campaign members. An interesting turn of events shows the DeSantis campaign may be in as much trouble as previously thought, if not more according to one donor close to the DeSantis campaign. 

As DeSantis faces a shrinking budget and struggles to maintain a strong presence in the polls, there have been calls for the candidate to either fire or do a more subtle demotion within the campaign ranks called layering, according to a donor, and a couple of allies close to the campaign.

This sentiment aligns with the viewpoint of some Republicans who think DeSantis needs to make some changes to his campaign strategy if he seriously wants to have a chance of taking on Trump in the primaries. As one tweet from the Trump War Room put it, “there is turmoil in Tallahassee.”

Next to President Donald Trump, DeSantis is the most likely contender to secure the 2024 GOP nomination. Nevertheless, according to several public federal filings, many GOP hopefuls have enjoyed notable amounts of income for their campaigns, guaranteeing a crowded GOP nomination stage as Americans look toward 2024. 

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