‘Biden’s a piece of sh*t’: Residents of this infamous liberal city are going for Trump

by Hailey Gomez

Photo: Alamy

A handful residents in Compton, California appear to be going for President Trump come this November, as some called out Biden’s failed policies.

During a recent street interview with local residents, journalist Nick Shirley could be seen walking around the liberal city and asking residents’ who they will be voting for within the 2024 elections. While sone showed support for Biden in office, a handful came to the support of Trump.

“Who are you gonna be voting for in 2024?” Shirley asked two residents outside of a home.

“Trump, Trump Trump for sure. Trump for sure. Biden’s a piece of shit. You know what I’m saying? The other countries don’t respect them. We don’t even respect them. It’s real f*cked up in America. We in a dark time, crime is up. Right now it just seems like America is really gearing up for a big war,” a Compton resident wearing a grey t-shirt said.

“Would you say Donald Trump’s for the black community?” Shirley continued to ask.

“Yeah, for sure,” the second resident in a black shirt said.

“Is Joe Biden doing anything for the community here in Compton?” Shirley questioned.

“Nah,” the resident responded as he continued to note that California typically votes blue because of the way it’s programmed. The resident additionally called out Biden’s border crisis, slamming the amount of immigrants entering the country and stating that Trump wouldn’t have allowed it.

Shirley could later be seen in a local shop within Compton, asking people their views on the 2024 election and what the outcome will be for the city.

“Do you think the majority of people here in Compton will be for Joe Biden or for Donald Trump?” Shirley asked.

“For Trump for sure. “Sh*t, everything’s going up, food’s going up, gas’ going up, the economy is going up. So sh*t, it’s a difference, a major difference,” a resident within a local shop said.

During the 2020 elections, LA County overwhelming voted for Biden as he won with 71%, according to result data. However, the blue state has been seeing a shift with this upcoming election as Trump has found a new push from major Silicon Valley donors, some of whom were typically Democrats.

Last week, Trump appeared for a fundraiser in San Francisco to meet major investors within the liberal state. During an interview with Fox News, Craft Ventures co-founder David Sacks stated that the fundraiser not only exceeded expectations by millions, but noted the growing “enthusiasm” behind Trump even in the typical liberal areas.

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