Trump makes integral Nevada Senate endorsement

by Natalie Tomiello

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump made an official endorsement for Senate in the key state of Nevada on Sunday.

In a Truth Social post, Trump expressed his support for Sam Brown, a retired Army Captain who served in Afghanistan. Trump praised Brown for his record and his character.

“Sam Brown is a FEARLESS AMERICAN PATRIOT, a Purple Heart Recipient, who has proven he has the “PURE GRIT” and COURAGE to take on our Enemies, both Foreign and Domestic.”

Brown suffered injuries from a roadside bomb while deployed and has made his time in the military a central theme of his campaign. He faces multiple other pro-Trump candidates in the Republican primary field. Trump emphasized his support for Brown and his confidence that Brown would be an asset in the fight against Democrats and the Left.

“Sam is now running for U.S. Senate in the Great State of Nevada, primarily because he knows that Crooked Joe Biden and the Radical Left are A THREAT TO DEMOCRACY.”

Trump also pointed out the issues that are important to Brown which would align with the policy priorities of the Trump administration in a second term.

“Sam will fight tirelessly to secure our Border, end Migrant Crime, stop Inflation, grow our Economy, STRONGLY SUPPORT OUR GREAT MILITARY/VETS…and restore PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH.”

Trump went on to describe Brown’s recovery as the “Comeback of a Lifetime.”

Brown has also been the choice Republicans in Washington, receiving the support of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Brown will face his primary challengers in the Nevada Republican primary on Tuesday.

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