Biden’s approval rating hits a new all-time low

T02TWH Delaware, USA. 16th March 2019. Joe Biden delivers the keynote speech at the First State Democratic Dinner at the Rollins Center in Dover, DE on March 16, 2019. The former U.S. Vice President refrained from announcing his candidacy, even-though early polls conducted in March indicate former Vice President Biden as the favorite of a large Democratic field of candidates. Credit: OOgImages/Alamy Live News

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Joe Biden’s approval rating cratered to its lowest point in May, according to a poll published last week by the National Opinion Research Center.

Plummeting from a 45 percent favorability rating in April to 39 percent this month, Biden supporters are quickly losing confidence in his ability to perform.

The survey revealed that the economy is a top concern for Americans across all political spectrums. Consequently, 78 percent of respondents believe that the Biden administration is steering America in the wrong direction. In contrast, just 22 percent of adults remain hopeful that Biden’s plan is beneficial to the country’s well-being.

When broken down, roughly 2 in 10 Americans support Joe Biden’s economic policies, lower than the recorded 3 in 10 from a month ago. Interestingly, the nosedive of public confidence is a sign of growing distrust mostly derived from Democrats. Inflation is a leading factor in the increasing uncertainty from Biden’s own party. When asked about the “impact of higher than usual prices” of fuel, food, and housing, voters expressed that it is a distressing burden.

Expanding beyond Biden’s lackluster domestic policies, only 41 percent of Democrats have a “great deal” of belief in his ability to handle the situation in Ukraine. On the other hand, most Republicans have “hardly any” trust in Joe Biden’s preparedness when it comes to international relations. Despite campaigning as one with many years of experience in foreign affairs, voters of various demographics are skeptical of Biden’s competence.

As painful as it may be, even liberal media outlets have no choice but to highlight the public’s opinion on the woeful blunders of Biden.

In March, an NBC News poll surveyed a bleak perception of Biden after inflation reached its highest point in 40 years.

As the midterm elections draw near, one would think that fellow Democrats would have Joe Biden campaign with them to encourage voter turnout. However, that might result as poorly as his overall grade.

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