Billionaires break for TRUMP in 2024

PPN5R6 New York, USA, 26 September 2018. US President Donald Trump at a news conference after attending the 73rd United Nations General Assembly in New York city. Photo by Enrique Shore

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With Joe Biden’s popularity sinking to all-time lows in 2024, billionaire donors are placing their bets on a man who swept the GOP primary and is poised to take the Democrat machine head-on in November.

According to a report from Bloomberg, billionaires John Paulsen, Woody Johnson, and Howard Lutnik are poised to soon host a fundraiser for President Trump in the heart of Manhattan, where the president is on trial for several weeks.

This is a significant show of support for Trump’s campaign in New York, especially amid his legal fights, which thus far only served to boost his fundraising numbers by record margins.

In April, Trump broke fundraising records by hauling in over $50 million in a single night at a Palm Beach fundraiser, where roughly 100 guests paid up to $814,600 to get in the door, via the Associated Press.

He said at the event in April, “People are just wanting CHANGE. Rich people want it, poor people want it, everybody wants change. The country is really doing poorly, we’re a laughingstock all over the world. We’re going to get that changed very quickly.”

Trump added, “…people, they wanted to contribute to a cause of making America great again – and that’s what’s happening. We’re going to make America great again, everyone knows it.”

Via RSBN, new RNC Chairman Michael Whatley recently stated that every day President Trump has sat in the courtroom in New York, the GOP is fundraising at least $1 million from “small-dollar donations that are coming in online.”

Not only are high-dollar billionaire donors breaking for Trump in 2024, but so are small-dollar grassroots supporters from across the nation, signaling strong nationwide support for his campaign with the election looming just six months away.

According to Bloomberg, the billionaire-hosted fundraiser for Trump in New York will be hosted later this month.

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