Christianity is under attack in America and Biden is leading the charge

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Right now in the U.S., Christianity is under attack, and Joe Biden is leading the charge with his education secretary’s vows to shut down the largest Christian university in the country. 

There’s a crisis going on in our country, and not just the border crisis or the economy, but an attack on Christianity across many states. Fox News recently reported that Department of Education Secretary Miguel Cardona has stated his intent to shut down Grand Canyon University (GCU) for supposedly being a “predatory for-profit school.” GCU is the largest Christian university in the nation.

According to Cardona, the school was scamming students. He said, “We are cracking down not only to shut them down but to send a message not to prey on students.”

In light of Cardona’s comments, Fox News reported what Jon Schweppe from the American Principles Project (APP) said: “The federal government’s education agenda is punishing schools that do not conform to their progressive ideology. It’s time we take a stand against this egregious abuse of power.”

GCU officials told Fox News, “If they can make these claims against the largest Christian university in the country, other faith-based organizations could be next.” 

In another case of religious discrimination, Christians in California are fighting the local government to have their cross put back on display. Breitbart reported that the Alameda County Superior Court ordered the Albany Lions Club in Albany Hill to remove its cross. The cross had stood tall for 50 years on the property, serving as a beacon of hope and faith for the community.

The club is currently in a land dispute with the local government, as the private land owned by the club was seized.

Breitbart reported that Mayor Aaron Tiedemann had celebrated the removal of the cross by saying, “The city has actually put its money where its mouth is, and our city looks a little bit more accepting now in a way that we think is consistent with our values.”

Tiedemann’s sentiment represents a growing attitude towards Christianity and one that Biden’s administration has encouraged. 

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