Co-founder of a major retailer endorses Trump, says the ‘stakes are just too high’

by Hailey Gomez

Photo: Alamy

President Trump clinched a big endorsement from the co-founder of a famous home improvement retailer this week. The former CEO of The Home Depot, Bernie Marcus, announced his endorsement of Donald Trump as the 2024 Republican nominee, stating Thursday that “the stakes are just too high” to not speak out.

Marcus, 94, published an op-ed on RealClear Politics describing the issues he has begun to see within the United States, noting that “once-great cities” have “devolved into lawlessness.”

“I had hoped it was time for me to move to the sidelines and let younger generations continue the fight to preserve America’s founding freedoms and values. But, like so many of us, I realized that I could not let myself walk away; the stakes are just too high,” Marcus wrote. “We cannot let the America we see today be what we leave to our children and grandchildren.”

“Many of our once-great cities have devolved into lawlessness with random violent attacks on innocent people, rampant looting, and large-scale homeless encampments. There are rarely consequences for the wrongdoers because George Soros-elected prosecutors across America refuse to prosecute them,” Marcus continued.

Crimes within the United States have been on an upward incline, specifically for states like California. In fact, California’s 2022 annual crime report revealed that both the state’s violent crime and property crime increased by a little over six percent with robberies up by 10.2 percent, according to Cal Matters

“This should not be a partisan issue. This should be an issue for all Americans – Democrats, Republicans, and Independents – that I hope to reach with this op-ed. You enjoy the freedoms and values on which the nation was founded. Sadly, I see these freedoms and values being eroded today as government gets bigger and weaponized against its political opponents,” Marcus wrote.

Marcus additionally noted hot topic issues concerning and affecting many Americans such as the border crisis and terrorist groups such as Hamas.

Since Biden’s border policies were enacted in 2021, the southern border has seen millions of illegal immigrants cross with some border officials warning that terrorists with Hamas could “potentially” get through the border, according to ABC News.

“I urge my fellow Democrats, Republicans, and Independents to put their love for America above all else. I urge the Republican National Committee to end the Republican debates that only benefit ad makers and political consultants. They are unproductive and embarrassing,” Marcus concluded.

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