‘COMPLETE DISASTER’: President Trump goes after DeSantis on farming

by Josh Cohen

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump took a well-aimed snipe at Governor Ron DeSantis via Twitter on Thursday.

The president tweeted, “Ron DeSanctimonious would be a COMPLETE DISASTER for American Farmers and the people of Iowa!”

The tweet was accompanied by a video statement from the president addressing the plight of the American farmer while wagging a finger at the Governor of Florida for his record regarding agriculture. 

President Donald Trump drew attention to pivotal issues concerning American agriculture and trade policies. In a statement resonating with his base, he emphasized the importance of supporting the nation’s farmers while advocating for robust trade deals that safeguard their interests.

In the statement, President Trump praised Iowa’s ethanol industry, a critical component of the state’s agricultural landscape. “I fought for Iowa ethanol like no president in history, nobody’s even come close,” he asserted. His unwavering support for ethanol highlighted his belief in promoting domestic energy independence while providing crucial backing to farmers who have heavily invested in this renewable fuel source.

Beyond domestic matters, President Trump spotlighted his success in renegotiating international trade deals to prioritize American interests. His tweet referred to replacing the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), a hallmark achievement in his presidency. He asserted that the USMCA offers fairer terms for American farmers and businesses, ensuring that trade is conducted on more favorable grounds.

President Trump also addressed his staunch political rival, Governor Ron DeSantis, drawing a stark contrast in their positions on agricultural policies. Trump criticized DeSantis’s opposition to ethanol mandates, which the governor blasted as “socialism.” President Trump noted that he considers these mandates fundamental conservative policies supporting agricultural innovation and energy independence.

Furthermore, the president remarked on DeSantis’s veto of farm subsidies, suggesting it might have negative implications for the farming community. In doing so, Trump aimed to underscore the importance of unity within the conservative movement and the necessity of electing candidates who share a common vision for supporting American farmers.

With the Iowa caucuses approaching on Jan. 15, Trump’s statement carried a clear call to action for his followers and conservative allies to engage actively in the political process. His urging to support candidates who prioritize the welfare of American farmers and advocate for robust trade policies reflected a rallying cry for like-minded individuals to align behind shared goals.

As the nation continues to grapple with ever-evolving agricultural challenges and global trade dynamics, President Trump’s message serves as a reminder of agriculture’s pivotal role in the American economy and how it remains a subject of critical importance to citizens across the political spectrum.

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