Conservative watchdog group reveals Biden’s DHS is targeting Christians, conservatives

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A new report from the Media Research Center has revealed a disturbing “anti-terrorism” program within Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that targeted conservative and Christian organizations.

The MRC discovered the “Targeted Violence & Terrorism Prevention Grant Program” (TVTP) after conducting a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) investigation.

Their report stated:

“Instead of focusing on preventing actual violence and terrorism, the program is now being used to target the entire spectrum of the political right and Christians through ‘media literacy and online critical thinking initiatives’ and other so-called training seminars as part of a coordinated effort to make America into a one-party system.” 

Apparently, MRC discovered that the DHS allegedly awarded 80 grants to varied recipients, including the University of Dayton, which “targeted groups including The Heritage Foundation, Fox News, Christian Broadcasting Network, Turning Point USA, PragerU, the National Rifle Association (NRA), Breitbart News, the American Conservative Union Foundation and the Republican National Committee.”

According to a report from Fox News, the TVTP was initially kick-started during the Obama administration under a different name, but the Biden administration has revitalized the program and renamed it.

Based on the MRC’s investigation, they found extensive documentation from grant recipients. They stated that they discovered a grant of $352,109 for the University of Dayton’s “PREVENTS-OH” program, which is aimed at using the “expertise” of on-campus faculty to combat domestic violence extremism and hate.

MRC found that mainstream groups like the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), Turning Point USA, President Donald Trump, Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., Breitbart News, and the Republican National Committee were among some individuals and organizations targeted by their so-called anti-hate program.

The “PREVENTS-OH” program additionally hosted a seminar that featured University of Cincinnati researcher Michael Loedenthal, who is “a self-proclaimed member of a radical, anti-American Antifa group.”

Per MRC, he stated: “Censorship efforts are not enough to fight against so-called fascists, Loadenthal outrageously claimed, also calling for a more aggressive approach. ‘To deny people that, to shut down their websites, to close their meetings, [and] to physically prevent them from assembling in public. This is the belief,’ he claimed. “

MRC’s investigation also uncovered documentation that the Biden administration has spent almost $40 million in taxpayer money to elevate the propagation of “critical thinking initiatives” to weaponize the TVTP against Christians, the Republican Party, and conservatism.

Via their summary:

“After coming to power, Biden and Mayorkas did not abolish the TVTP grant program. Instead, the Biden administration appears to have “reimagined” it, wielding it as a weapon against conservatives, Christians and the Republican Party under the guise of taking on the scourge of ‘white supremacy.'”

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