Crowd goes WILD after President Trump drops the F-bomb in rare form

In a shocking moment that made rallygoers break out in cheers, President Donald Trump used profanity to express his annoyance with the left’s exaggerated climate change fear-mongering.

Ridiculing Joe Biden’s Climate Envoy John Kerry over his concern of climate change versus the state of the nation under Biden’s weak leadership, Trump began, “This is the single most dangerous time for our country in history, far more dangerous than World War I or World War II – and that’s because of the power of nuclear weapons.”

He continued, “Yet, you have people like John Kerry worrying about the climate! The climate! Ah, I heard that the other day…he’s worried about ‘The ocean will rise! One-hundredth of one percent over the next 300 f****** years!”

The rare moment for the 45th president to use the “f-word” took rallygoers by surprise as they quickly cheered the jab at the Biden administration’s obsession with climate change despite more urgent world issues.

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