Trump SLAMS Brian Kemp’s weakness on election fraud

President Donald Trump slammed RINO Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia during remarks at an electrifying Save America rally in Commerce, Georgia on Saturday night, calling him a “turncoat,” adding, “he’s a coward, and he’s a complete and total disaster.”

Trump held nothing back when discussing Kemp’s refusal to deal with reports of election fraud in 2020 and warning rally goers that reelecting Kemp was “paving the way for massive election fraud. He didn’t do a damn thing [about fraud]!”

Trump also eviscerated Kemp’s weak leadership in light of staggering reports of election fraud in Georgia, which he said, “I think is red as hell.” Trump also pointed out that Georgia has been a hotbed for illegal election activity. He said, “Georgia officials took $45 million from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg…to fund election-related activities…over 90 percent of which was given to blue areas of the state.”

Trump additionally brought the reports of the shocking ballot harvesting scheme to light, which has identified over 2,000 people, many of whom were caught on camera. “They have pictures of the people,” Trump said.

Further, Trump attacked Kemp’s inaction on cleaning up absentee ballot applications, saying that he “allowed them to send out 2.2 million absentee ballot applications.” The crowd cheered their approval of Trump’s comments, making their frustration with Gov. Kemp loud and clear.

“Brian Kemp – he sold you out,” Trump concluded. “He didn’t want anything to do with it [election integrity].” He ended his remarks on Kemp with a warning for the people of Georgia, projecting that if Kemp was nominated for a second term, “He will go down in flames at the ballot box.”

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