DeSantis hits new monthly fundraising record

2J772HW Florida Governor Ron DeSantis speaks at a press conference at Sam?s Club in Ocala, where he signed into law more than $1.2 billion in tax relief for Floridians, the largest tax relief package in Florida?s history. In an effort to combat inflation, taxes will be eliminated for varying periods of time on goods including fuel, children?s books, diapers, and home improvement items.

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Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., has broken another fundraising record in his bid for reelection. According to a report from Fox News, DeSantis raked in almost $10.5 million in April, while his Democrat opponent Charlie Crist brought in only $1 million in the same month.

Gov. DeSantis has experienced an explosion of popularity in the Sunshine State, thanks to his staunch conservative policies and no-holds-barred approach to going on the offensive from federal incursions from the Biden administration.

In early April, DeSantis raised a staggering $100 million for his reelection campaign in 2022, with some projecting that he was the first candidate in history to raise such a massive sum.

Gov. DeSantis additionally signed the most extensive tax relief package in the history of Florida last week, which will provide $1.2 billion in tax relief on basic needs items like gas, disaster supplies, tools, diapers, and more. According to Gov. DeSantis, the move is designed to combat rising prices on goods and services amid a looming “Biden-induced recession.”

According to the Fox News report, Florida is one of the most expensive states for candidates to campaign in. Gov. DeSantis’ hefty fundraising haul will allow him to expand his reelection bid and take one step closer to victory in November.

RSBN previously reported that Gov. DeSantis currently maintains a 58.8 percent approval rating (according to the St. Louis University Polling Institute) in the Sunshine State. In light of his monstrously successful campaign fundraising and ironclad conservative policies, he is poised to serve another four years in the Governor’s Mansion.

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