DeSantis rips Biden: ‘There’s a huge amount of problems with Brandon in the White House’

by Laura Ramirez

Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., scorned Joe Biden in an interview last week, referring to him as “Brandon” as the state of the nation decays during his first year in the White House.

“All the problems you see with our country, and there’s a huge amount of problems with Brandon in the White House,” DeSantis said Friday.

Biden began to be referred to as “Brandon” after “Let’s go, Brandon!” became a euphemism used by critics of Biden when a NBC reporter attempted to cover up the crowd’s anti-Biden chant, “F*** Joe Biden. The chant quickly became the mantra heard at major sporting events across the country.

“I mean look, the guy is not clicking on all cylinders, he’s not had a very good year,” the governor commented as Biden’s approval ratings take a resounding hit according to the latest polling by Quinnipiac University.

According to the poll, Biden’s approval rating dropped to stunning 33 percent and a staggeringly low with a 28 percent approval rating among Hispanics. The poll further found that the majority of Americans, 70 percent, believed the economy to be in bad condition.

While the country crumbles under the current Democrat leadership, the Sunshine State has achieved significant success under DeSantis.

“We’re still strong in the state of Florida. We’re beating Brandon in Florida,” the governor said.

“When I got elected, there were about 300,000 more registered Democrats in Florida than Republicans,” he continued. “Well, now for the first time in history, we have more Republicans than Democrats, and we’re gaining more and more every single month.”

With restrictive Covid-19 policies and unconstitutional vaccine mandates being implemented in various left-leaning states, Florida has become a beacon of freedom for Americans as they flee governmental overreach.

DeSantis officially launched his re-election bid for 2022 and is expected to score an easy victory.

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