DeSantis says ‘Our rights come from God, not government’

by Timothy Frudd

Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., reminded Americans Tuesday, “Our rights come from God, not government.”

DeSantis shared what Florida is doing to combat the radical curriculum taught to innocent children in America’s public schools at a speech in Hamilton County. He highlighted Florida’s recently passed bill on curriculum transparency.

“As a parent,” he said, “you have the right to know the curriculum that’s being used in your kids’ school.”

DeSantis warned that kids are exposed to dangerous content such as pedophilia, even in school libraries. He explained kids are often exposed to “grotesque” and “obscene” things, adding, “That’s just not appropriate.”

The governor opined, “We need to be focusing on teaching kids to read and to write and math and science and understanding American history.”

DeSantis also stressed the importance of teaching kids civics to properly understand what is written in the Constitution. Specifically, DeSantis made it clear that students need to be taught that “Our rights come from God, not government.”

DeSantis is not the only Florida Republican to declare that the rights of all Americans are from God, not the government. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., shared at this year’s CPAC that the United States is unique because, “It had this audacious idea that your rights come from God, not from a government, not from leaders.”

Most Americans seem to support the statements made by DeSantis and Rubio. In November, a McLaughlin and Summit poll revealed, “73% of American voters who have an opinion about the issue say that they agree with America’s founders that our rights are given to us by our Creator and not by the government.”

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