DeSantis to Biden: Don’t line Maduro’s pockets

by Laura Ramirez

Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., hosted a roundtable discussion with Venezuelan Americans last week in Miami to discuss Biden’s failed policies and recent contact with the socialist regime of Venezuela amidst growing gas prices.

DeSantis denounced the Biden administration’s actions to seek oil deals with the oppressive Maduro regime, responsible for “countless atrocities” that have driven “Venezuela into the ground.”

“The United States should be energy independent, but instead gas prices have been going up consistently since January 20, 2021,” DeSantis said. “Now we’re in a situation where people are really hurting and rather than acknowledge that their policies have been ineffective, they’re going to Maduro and they’re going to the ayatollahs in Iran.”

The governor believes the solution to soaring gas prices is promoting “American energy independence, not propping up Nicolas Maduro.”

Biden has received intense backlash for attempting to make oil deals with other countries instead of embracing domestic energy production.

Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., called out the Biden administration after a report revealed Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAE) declined the White House’s calls to discuss oil deals.

President Trump also predicted the surge in gas prices would manifest under the current administration after Biden announced a plan to eliminate the oil industry during one of the presidential debates.

Trump heavily warned against Biden’s plan which would reverse Trump’s historically low gas prices.

As previously reported, the average U.S. gas prices rose nearly 55 percent more in December of 2021 than they were in December 2020 under Trump.

The 45th president even insisted he could lower gas prices to $2 a gallon within six months if he were in the Oval Office.

Unfortunately for Americans, Trump’s predictions of what would occur under the current administration are coming to pass as millions of citizens grapple with soaring gas prices and inflation. Because of his unpopular policies, Biden’s reelection chances are growing increasingly slim, leading to a potential 2024 presidential victory for Trump.

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