Donald Trump Jr. launches news aggregation app to combat the mainstream media

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Donald Trump Jr. announced on Tuesday that he is launching a news aggregation app with the help of President Donald Trump’s former staffers.

The application is titled MxM News (Minute by Minute News), engineered to compete against liberal news sources such as Apple News.

Working alongside the eldest son of the 45th president is Alabama native Cliff Sims. Sims is a former adviser to President Trump and the CEO of Telegraph Creative, a Birmingham-based advertisement agency. MxM will host a plethora of quality content from multiple news publishers; however, it will not create content nor produce original stories for its users.

With a mission to revolutionize the mobile news industry, MxM seeks to create an impact similar to how Drudge Report pioneered web publishing and how Fox News became a game-changer for cable news broadcasting, Axios reported.

A common frustration voiced by Americans is that they don’t know where to look for honest reporting. “People don’t know what media outlets, journalists, or stories they can actually trust,” Trump Jr. told the outlet.

At a time when fake news is prevalent, MxM is positioned to be the “mainstream news without mainstream bias,” as the company’s tagline states. The news app was created to “Help people cut through the clutter and get trustworthy news and information about topics that matter and impact their lives,” said Trump Jr.

Minute by Minute News is the latest form of conservative media produced by the Trump family since the start of President Trump’s social media platform. In February, Truth Social, a competitor to Twitter, became available for download on the Apple App Store. As millions remain on the waitlist due to high demand, Truth Social is anticipated to be fully functional by the end of March. MxM will be available on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating system.

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