Dozens of Trump allies raided by FBI, according to reports

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Dozens of President Trump’s allies were raided last week by the FBI, multiple sources have reported. The news was initially unveiled by former Trump advisor and “War Room” host Steve Bannon during an interview with Turning Point USA President Charlie Kirk.

“There were 35 FBI raids yesterday, right?” Bannon stated on Friday. “…35 senior members of MAGA, Republicans, supporters of Donald Trump…the FBI rolled in on.” He added, “There’s so much going on that people don’t even know – at so many levels.”  

Bannon further added that the “Biden regime” was “trying to shut down everybody.”

On Thursday, Bannon was indicted and arraigned in New York City on six counts, including charges of money laundering and scheme to defraud. On his way to the courtroom, Bannon told reporters, “They will never shut me up – they’ll have to kill me first.”

Further, Bannon’s claim that 35 Trump allies were raided last week was corroborated by Harmeet K. Dhillon, a founder of Dhillon Law and the Liberty Center. Dhillon appeared on Fox News and spoke with host Tucker Carlson about the raids.

“A few days ago, a Politico reporter called several people, and said, ‘Hey, have you heard?’ and, ‘Have you been served yet?’ The FBI is going to be serving 50, approximately, search warrants and/or subpoenas on Trump supporters,” she stated.

Dhillon added that 24 hours later, three of their clients did receive search warrants or subpoenas. She said each was “extremely broad” and that “they ask for all communications” regarding “dozens of people.”

Dhillon also explained that both the search warrants and subpoenas were from the “Capitol Siege Section” of the DOJ D.C. office and included requests for information related to communications before and after the 2020 presidential election, including topics of “alternate electors,” as well as fundraising related to 2020 election fraud claims, and a rally that took place before the events of Jan. 6, 2021.

Dhillon also expanded on information regarding the warrants and subpoenas on Twitter, stating that their clients were “served w/extremely broad subpoenas, or warrant for phone/device. Our clients @america1stwomen are among those targeted for their peaceful, First-Amendment-protected, speech about 2020 election. These bullying tactics are designed to target and intimidate Trump supporters.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., additionally remarked on Twitter in response to the news of the widespread FBI movement to crack down on Trump allies, “The FBI is Biden’s Gestapo. Federal law enforcement agencies that are used as political weapons should be dissected and the bad should be removed. Tyrants are a cancer that America should never allow to fester and grow.”

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