Dr. Ben Carson pens poignant op-ed about President Trump’s ‘renewal of the American spirit’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Retired neurosurgeon and conservative thought leader Dr. Ben Carson penned a thoughtful op-ed for the Des Moines Register that was published on Thursday, in which he argued that “our era’s rendezvous with destiny is here, and Donald J. Trump is the man to lead us out of the darkness and into the light.”

Dr. Carson recently endorsed President Donald Trump at a campaign event a few weeks ago in Sioux City, Iowa, and this op-ed comes just days before the 45th president is slated to once again visit the Hawkeye State.

In his editorial, Dr. Carson explained why he had thrown his support behind President Trump:

“We have very serious problems confronting our country right now, and they require courage and bold leadership. We need a president who will always stand strong, who will tell it like it is, and who will put our country first. For this reason and so many more, I’m endorsing Donald J. Trump for president of the United States and I encourage all my friends in Iowa to caucus for him on Jan. 15.”

Dr. Carson called Trump’s first term in the White House a time of “great renewal of the American spirit and the traditional values that made our country the greatest on Earth.”

He championed Trump’s accomplishments for common sense in his policy initiatives that combated things like radical gender theory and other “toxic left-wing ideologies in our government and schools,” instead promoting a “unifying understanding of American history and identity.”

He also pointed out Trump’s winning record of appointing 300 conservative judges to the courts and wisely selecting three integral U.S. Supreme Court Justices. He further noted that the president had maintained peace and balance on the global stage among power players like Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“As bad as things are, I still believe America’s best days are yet to come, especially if we return Donald Trump to the White House,” Dr. Carson wrote.

He also described President Trump as a “thoughtful and reflective” man who was also “tough and uncompromising on his core principles.” He lauded him for putting the country’s needs and interests first, above the inclinations of any one singular political party.

He continued, “This is the President Trump that oversaw one of the greatest periods of growth and prosperity in our nation’s history. He did it once, and he can do it again.”

He called on other 2024 Republican primary candidates to put their “individual aspirations” on hold to ensure that Joe Biden and the Democrats would be swiftly defeated in next year’s general election.

“When I see how hard the left is weaponizing the legal system to try and destroy Trump, I see how terrified they are of running against him in 2024, which is one more reason why he must be our nominee,” he concluded.

The Iowa caucuses are only a few weeks away. Right now, President Donald Trump is holding a powerful 36-point lead over the runner-up, netting 54 percent of prospective GOP caucus-goers’ support, per ISU/Civiqs.

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